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Our wild horses and public lands are under attack in many ways. The most serious right now is the Appropriations Bill. The BLM, and Representative Stewart (UT) presented information that we want them to provide evidence for. They claim a one billion dollar price tage for horses currently in holding, and they claim 67,000 horses on the range. We want them to prove their math!

Perhaps the most infuriating presentation and statement was that of Rep. Chris Stewart of Utah when he spoke to the sub-committee during the appropriations mark up hearing last week. He held up a picture of a starving mare and foal. This picture is being used by BLMas the 'poster child' for their rhetoric claiming our wild horses are starving. Rep. Stewart held it up and said we have tens of thousands of starving horses on our public lands.This is a LIE and again we say PROVE it. The picture comes from the Cold Creek herd in Nevada. The Cold Creek herd was a tragedy that happened because of human interference with wildlife and BLM not acting quickly enough. People were feeding the horses from their vehicles, so the horses stayed by the road. They normally would have moved up the hill to better pastures, but they did not, they stayed where food was handed to them. But this food was not enough to keep them from being emaciated. BLM could and should have moved them much earlier than they did. They eventually did an emergency round up, did not plan for refeeding, and shot 10% of the horses without giving them a chance to recover.

To combat the lies, and show you how great the Cold Creek horses look now we are putting together a gallery of wild horses from all over the western public lands. Click on the link above or below to go see that gallery. Share it with your politicians and media. Tell them to tell the truth! Wild horses are not overpopulated. If any animal on the range is over populated it is the 8.5 million livestock on our public lands.

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Thank-you for your participation in these action items. We must be their voice! Please check back often and contact us if there is an action item not listed.

Laws listed by state for Animal Cruelty and slaughter.

Click on the link above to find your representatives and contact them. We must be their voice!

There are many Advocates and many Advocacy organizations working for our horses. Some are involved in court battles to fight for our horses, to read about these cases, current and past click the link below. We include old litigation even if it was not successful as a means of learning what worked and what did not. We do not want to reinvent the wheel, but provide as much information under one roof as we can to help the horses.

Who is really trying to 'seize' public lands? The BLM? The Government? Or special interest groups like livestock ranchers?

Read the history and find out who the players are!

Citizens Against Equine Slaughter, Board of Directors, Val Cecama-Hogsett put together a history of the issues and compilation of the players and organizations involved in the Public Lands seizure movement. This is a must read for anyone who uses or cares for our public lands.This will be an ongoing series of reports with this being installment 1.
How does the Public Land Grab movement, or the Bundy situation affect our wild horses and burros?


The people agencies and organizations that want North American native horses removed from our public lands try to use the argument that they are pests or use the incorrect labels "feral" or "invasive", the following articles and reports are proof that our wild horses are a native North American species. In the current numbers that still exist in the wild they should be protected under the Endangered Species Act. The reasons they are not are greed and corruption. Unless the people stand up and say enough and demand this changes they will become extinct in the wild in our life time.

Education is a very powerful tool we have to save the horses. The link above will take you to a database of
information that includes scientific studies done by reputable sources. Please use them to write
letters or to speak with your politicians. Please observe copyright and protected information and give proper
credit where applicable.

FEATURED ARTICLE-Petroglyphs Bring Lakota Origins To Life

April 16, 2015
This article is further proof that our wild horses were here before Europeans!


Getting the issues out there for the public to read and learn is also an important part of helping improve the situation for our horses.The following link provides some well written articles to use as reference or to learn more!

If you have a link that you feel will add information to educate or help fight to keep our wild horses from becoming nothing but a memory, please email us and provide the link.

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**This page is provided as a tool for those wishing to help fight for our Nations' wild horses, we are not lawyers, and do not get paid by any entity to provide this service.**

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There are many Advocates and many Advocacy organizations working for our horses. Some to stop the cruel round-ups, some to get the incorrect label or 'feral' removed and list them as native, and some to stop the fate many face of going to slaughter, and even more working to save domestic horses from PMU and race industry horrors. All Organizations, 501c3 status and contact or website information can be found by clicking the links below.

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